News : Seminar at Adventure Christian Church – Roseville, CA

Seniors gathered at Adventure Christian Church to socialize, give thanks and learn about their options for senior care. When someone gets ill, often it happens abruptly this is scary for the spouse and the family.

A Voice for Seniors offers placement advice at no charge for those in need. “It’s an informational gathering for seniors on what’s available for them in Sacramento and Placer Councies,” says Eileen Bonomo. Marketing Director for the agency, adding, “We walk these seniors through the process and make sure they are aware of their options: Each person brought a potluck dish so there was plency of good food on hand for everyone. with some 70 seniors coming in for the luncheon. Tables were decorated wirh hearts as it was Valentine’s week.

Pastor Wayne Bigelow began by leading everyone in a prayer. then while folks enjoyed the assortment of dishes. they were given information that will-when the time comes-take a lot of the scare, fear, paperwork and the stress out of the decision for their long term care. A Voice for Seniors makes sure the places they recommend are the best. “I want it to be a place where I’d put my own mother,” said Bonomo. That says it all.